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Nurse Assistant
Nurse Assistants perform simple, basic patient care under the supervision of Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. They have a broad range of duties including bathing, walking, and feeding patients, making beds, assist patients in and out of bed, dress and shave patients, and take vital signs.

Work Environment:
Employment is found in long-term care facilities, hospitals, physicians’ offices, health departments, and home healthcare agencies.

Job Outlook:
Employment of Nurse Assistants is expected to grow rapidly in response to the long-term care needs of an aging population. Jobs are expected to grow 3.9% annually in Arizona, creating over 650 per year.

Upon completion of the program, students will be eligible to sit for the Nurse Assistant Certification exam offered by the Arizona State Board of Nursing.

Nurse Assistants earn between $8.50 to $11.25 an hour for an average annual salary of $17,500 to $23,300.

Program Offerings:
The Maricopa Community Colleges offer a Certificate of Completion in Nurse Assisting. The program is offered at the following locations: GateWay Community College, Maricopa Skill Center, and the SouthWest Skill Center @ Estrella Mountain Community College

For more information contact:
GateWay Community College: Program Advisor at 602-286-8600
SouthWest Skill Center @ Estrella Mountain: Nursing Advisor at 623-935-8563

Or visit:

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